32nd Annual


executive Summary

& vision statement

Registration Fee: $ 300.00

Fee for Louisiana Residents: $ 175.00

Daily Fee: $ 75.00


College/University Academy: $150.00

Coach Powell  Youth Leadership Academy: $125.00


Cancellation Policy: Full amount refunded until September 2nd and after forfeit half of the registration fee.

The founding and permanent sponsors of the

“People of Colour” conference are the Human

Resources Development Institute of Chicago and State University of New York at Stony Brook. Numerous nationally recognized organizations are invited to co-sponsor the Conference each year.


Health, Mental Health, HIV/AIDS, Substance Abuse, Violence, Education



This conference will explore these major areas relative to culture differences,  geographical area identities, age variance, gender identity and other factors that  should be considered when counseling, treating and working with people of color.


 Attendees will gain knowledge and skills

to effectively work with people of a different race and/or cultural background. Understanding race and cultural dynamics are necessary in order to individualize the relationship between clients, patients and their caregivers, which can lead to better outcomes.

Sheraton New Orleans

500 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA

(504) 525-2500

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  • Traditional Double – Double Occupancy - $129.00 per night
  • Club Executive Suites Up to 2 - $ 329.00 per night
  • Each Additional Guest past occupancy room is $25.00 per night
  • Each additional 2 Guests is $ 50.00 per night
  • State and local taxes, Tourism Support Assessment and Occupancy tax are additional and added to each room night which is $ 23.32


Hotel Reservations MUST be Made Before October 26, 2018.

Make your reservations as soon as possible by calling (504) 525-2500


Reference “Counseling and Treating People of Colour 2018” in order to secure the conference rate.







Samuel L. Stanley, Jr., M.D., University President


Kenneth Kaushansky, M.D., MACP, Senior Vice President for the Health Sciences

 and  Dean, School of Medicine


Ernest J. Baptise, Chief Executive Officer, Stony Brook University Hospital

L. Reuven Pasternak, M.D.,Vice President for Health Systems


Jacqueline B. Mondros, D.S.W., Dean, School of Social Welfare;

Assistant Vice President for Social Determinants of Health




HRDI, A Subsidiary of Friend Family Health Center, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS


Joel K. Johnson, M.Ed., President



John R. Colon, M.A., Chairman, Board of Trustees


Miguel A. Fuentes, Jr., President & CEO


Robert Sancho, Vice President of Development and External Affairs





major supporters



The Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation, New York, New York


Nan Lu, OMD, Founder and Executive Director




The National Black Alcoholism and Addictions Council, Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota


Vincent (Peter) Hayden, PhD, President







Christian Unity Baptist Church, New Orleans, Louisiana


Reverend Dr. Kevin U. Stephens, Sr., MD, JD, M.Div, Pastor


Special Conference Academies

College/University Academy



Cheryl Hamilton, MA

Associate Provost and Director of Systemwide

Opportunities Programs SUNY Albany, New York


All undergraduate college students are encouraged

to attend. Students from many different colleges/

universities attend and make life-long friends

as the result of interacting with and forming

relationships that enhance their social, cultural

and educational experience and leadership ability.

The Coach Powell Youth Leadership Academy


Alfred “Coach” Powell, Director of Coach Powell Youth Leadership Academy, People of Colour Conference; Clinical Adjunct Professor, School of Social Welfare, Stony Brook University; Internationally Renowned Motivational Speaker and Author on Youth Issues, Dayton, Ohio


For youth 10–17 who will interact with Coach Powell, a dynamic youth trainer who prepares young people to become peer leaders and to return to their schools and communities to share what they have learned as TOTs (trainers of trainers), which multiples their training and experience with other youth who did not attend the session. Students who attend will, upon parental request, have letters sent to administrators in their respective schools that explains the value of this educational experience and asking for consideration of not marking the children absent but view their attendance as an alternative educational/ learning experience.

Conference Highlights


“Using data to tell Your Story”

Linda Rodriguez Organizational Architects, Inc.


Mergers, Affiliations and Collaborations: Stronger Together

Joel K. Johnson, M.Ed., President, HRDI, A Subsidiary of Friend Family Health Center, Chicago, Illinois



“Mission Driven”- Presentation for Students

Joel K. Johnson, M.Ed., President, HRDI, A Subsidiary of Friend Family Health Center, Chicago, Illinois



A Model Non-Pro fit Youth Program

Samoya O. Henry, Executive Director, Adassa Christian Leadership Corporation, Wheatly Heights, New York and Chantel Williams, Volunteer Service Provider will discuss a Model Program with the Vision Statement: A non-profit organization that breaks down poverty, social, mental, educational and spiritual barriers empowering social change in different countries. The founder and Volunteer will discuss their fundraising ideas, country selection, and the program’s format and success in Kingston, Jamaica, July 2018.




Opioid Addicts and the Politics of Different Treatment/Resources According to Race

A discussion by Frances L. Brisbane, PhD, MSW, of different responses to the opioid crisis in people of color communities vs. majority communities where individuals from POC communities frequently find themselves in court while individuals from majority communities become patients in clinics. We will discuss ways to ensure that both groups receive treatment as the “appropriate response” to opioid addiction and the advocacy activity with elected officials that will lead to this outcome.




Health Disparities and Health As a Civil Rights Issue

Charles L. Robbins, DSW, POC Conference Co-Chair; Vice Provost, Undergraduate Education and Dean of Undergraduate Colleges, Stony Brook University will examine ways to close the health disparity gap for many people in the U.S. and the reason health disparities should constitute a violation of individual’s civil rights.



Living in Africa: Same Theme, A Different Story...Maybe

Nana A. Kyerewaa Ansah II, Queenmother, Edina Traditional Area, Elmina, Ghana, West Africa will share her experience from vacationing many times in Africa while employed in the Federal Government’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to becoming convinced that she could make a major contribution to her “native home” by returning to Elmina to live. Her decision was to become a part of the country for which her ancestors were removed against their “will and consent.” She joined a community of the United States African Americans who were using their expertise to assist the country in many of its development programs and serving as proud “Returnees to their Roots.”



Decreasing Hospitalizations in a Multicultural and Depressed Environment

Cherry-Ann Jack, Practice Administrator, Center for Comprehensive Care; and Adult Medicine and Medical Sub-specialities, Bronx, New York will discuss ways to help individuals and families of multicultural identities reduce their visits to hospitals by recognizing and understanding what constitutes emergencies and how to engage in “wellness-practices,” reducing the need for hospital visits and hospitalization.



Genes, Chromosomes and Disease

Ann-Leslie Berger-Zaslav, PhD, Head of Cytogenetics: Clinical Professor, Department of Pathology, Stony Brook School of Medicine, Stony Brook University will demonstrate the “relationship” between genes, chromosomes, and disease in a way that is understandable to everyone.



A Body-Mind-Spirit Framework for Health  and Healing

Grand Master Nan Lu, OMD, Founder and Director, The Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation and The American Taoist Healing Center, New York, New York will discuss his specialities: Qigong, Acupuncture, women’s health, cancer and immune system disorders, preventive medicine and integrative medicine approaches and the ways he partners with doctors of Western Medicine pursuing a complementary/integrative framework to advance prevention, treatment, wellness, health and healing according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.



Theology and Wholeness

Reverend Dr. Walter J. Green, D. Min., Senior Pastor, Friendship Baptist Church, Memphis, Tennessee; Academic Dean, Tennessee School of Religion, Memphis, Tennessee and Rev. W. Diane Gardner-Slater, MDiv., ABD, Director Chaplaincy Services, Spiritual Care Department, Stony Brook University will share the importance of religious/spiritual life for people of color and how it impacts their

wellbeing and ability to heal.




Exploring Core Services for Survivors of Sexual Assault/How Secular and Religious Organizations Can Address Domestic Violence and Rape Prevention


Patricia Davenport, PhD, CEO and Co-Founder of Our House, Inc., Greenville, Mississippi will discuss the model used and share the success achieved when a church/religious based and a not for profit/social and human service agency work together to alleviate, prevent and treat issues of violence.




Alzheimer’s Disease Resources For You and Your Family

Daphne Perry, MPH, PHR, Program Director, Center of Excellence for Alzheimer’s Disease, Department of Psychiatry, Stony Brook University, New York will give an overview of the disease, diagnosis and treatment information, plus available resources and best practices for management.




Use of Telemedicine in Group Counseling for HIV patients with Co-Diagnosis of Substance Addiction, Use, and/or Mental Health Disorders in Rural Alabama

Safiya George, ANP, PhD, Professor, University of Alabama School of Nursing, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

and Pamela Payne Foster, MD., MPH, Professor, University of Alabama School of Medicine, Tuscaloosa, Alabama and George Mugoya, Associate Professor, Ph.D., MPH, University of Alabama College of Education will summarize a current ongoing pilot project which uses professional group counseling via telemedicine and peer support, to improve mental health, substance abuse and HIV outcomes, including HIV treatment adherence in persons living with HIV in rural Alabama and compare to in house counseling in a more urban setting.




Women of Color Policing

Denise Davis, BronxCare Health System, Bronx, NY and Loida Brisbane, New York City Police Department (Retired) will discuss their experiences as police officers. Denise who is now Director of Security at BronxCare Health System, held many positions in the New York City Police Department be fore joining BronxCare Health System in 2013, and Loida Brisbane served in the New York City Police Department in multiple positions before retiring in 2008. They will share their responses to violence, youth work, sex crimes, community engagement, etc. and all the many positions of involvement as city police officers.







Dan Washington, Ph.D., Private Practitioner, Seattle, Washington will outline how the cultural practices of different groups can define how they view and/or accept having or not having a mental illness, the stigma different groups assign to "having a mental problem" and the meaning if "being mentally healthy."

African American Children of Trauma, Children of Triumph

Case studies in the book by the title of this session, written by France Brisbane. Will demonstrate what adults can do to help children recover from and triumph over childhood trauma.




Taking Back Our Community

Susan James-Andrews, MS, President, James Andrews & Associates, CHALLENGES, Mitchellville, Maryland (on behalf of BJA, OJJDP, AU and TMAC)




Cultural Competency: A “Prescription” for Practicing Culture-Competency Effectively.

Reverend Dr. Sarita Guffin, Chaplain, Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee




Women in Criminal justice Leadership: Strengths and Challenges

Miah Tolbet, Selma, Alabama and Josalyn Conyers, Seattle, Washington




Black Men’s Health

Keon L. Gilbert, Dr PH, Associate Professor; Behavioral Science and Health Education, College for Public Health and Social Justice will discuss “How can we truly build a culture of health when many black males live in constant fear for their lives?”




Violence: Healing and Recovery After the Homicide

Kim V. Holmes, LCSW-C, VAS III, Family Bereavement Center, Coordinator, Offi ce of the State Attorney for Baltimore City




Our Mental Health

Dr. Cheryl Bowers-Stephens, MD, Adult, Adolescent and Child Psychiatry, Senior Health Care Executive, New Orleans, Louisiana




Our Mental Health Integration of Medical and Behavioral Health and Its Impact on the Family

Reverend Dr. Kevin U. Stephens, Sr., MD., JD.,MDiv, Pastor, Christian Unity Baptist Church, New Orleans, Louisiana


Celeste Lucas Powers, LMSW, Family Team Conference, Borough Director, New York City Administration for Children’s Services will engage participants in looking at how group work strategies provide a critical role in supporting the healing process of workforce members impacted by trauma, especially those workforce members with experiences of their own historical trauma.


Berhane Ghebrehiwet, DVM, DSc., Professor of Medicine and Pathology, Department of Medicine, Health Sciences Center, Stony Brook University, New York will highlight the significance of a cellular protein from its discovery 26 years ago to its growing significance in a wide range of

diseases from HIV infection to cancer.


Abayomi Salako, MD, Assistant Professor, Mount Sinai School of Medicine; Division Chief, Primary Care and Preventive Medicine, Department of Medicine; BronxCare Health System will focus the presentation on Health Care of Minority Populations and detail ways to effectively provide services to this population.


Don Bartlette, Ph.D. He is a Social Worker, Educator, Motivational Speaker, and widely sought after by world renowned organizations where he has made more than 10,000 presentations throughout America and Canada since 1972. He has been on radio and television talk shows numerous times.


A SPECIAL SESSION IN LOVING MEMORY OF Les Payne July 12, 1941 - March 19, 2018

A Truth Teller and Journalist

Les was a Major Presenter

at 14 POC Conferences


Date and Time: November 28, 2018, 3pm-4pm


Room : TBA


Chaired by: Dr. Marcella Maxwell, Ed.D

Friend of the Payne Family and member

of The Abyssinian Baptist Church,

New York City where Les Payne was a member.


The Pastor is: Reverend Dr. Calvin O. Butts, III


Opening Remarks: Dr. Marcella Maxwell, Ed.D.


Music: Ms. Shardae Cunningham, LMSW

POC Conference Choir Founder and Director


Reading of “Les Payne: A Life Joyously Lived”: TBA


Comments: Frances Brisbane and Reverend

Dr. Beresford Adams, Conference Chair and Senior Pastor, Faith Baptist Church, Coram, Long Island, NY


The Family Speaks: Violet Payne, Wife

Jamal Payne, Son


Two 2-minutes remembrances of Les Payne: Volunteers


Closing Remarks: Dr. Marcella Maxwell


November 27, 28, 29


November 27th

Reverend Dr. Beresford Adams, Conference Chairman

Senior Pastor, Faith Baptist Church, Coram, New York


November 28th

Imam Salley Muhammad, BronxCare Community Liaison, Bronx, New York


November 29th




November 27, 28, 29


November 27th

Bishop Henry Bolden, III Harvey, Louisiana


November 28th

Conference International Choir Concert

Founder and Director, Shardae Cunningham, LMSW

Conference Inspirational Messenger,

Reverend Justin Cunningham, Session Facilitator

Th e Cunninghams are from: Cornerstone Church of God In Christ, Medford, New York

Th e Pastor is Bishop Harrison Hale


November 29th


Morning Glory &

Evening of Spiritual Renewal Sessions



Frances L. Brisbane, Ph.D., Conference Coordinator/Program Director at Frances.Brisbane@stonybrook.edu

Joel K. Johnson, M.Ed., Co-Conference Coordinator at JJohnson@HRDI.org

Tina Maria E. Manning at Maria.Manning@stonybrook.edu

Susan James-Andrews, M.S., Marketing Consultant at SJAmand@Comcast.Net